From Wyoming to Oregon!

Another early morning to get a good start for the next leg of our journey...destination Oregon!

This was the inside of our quaint little cabin.  We stayed at one of those KOA campgrounds.  Definitely a bit commercial (i.e. not "real" camping) but it worked really well for what we needed.  And they even gave us a free upgrade to the 'deluxe' cabin which has a bathroom (insert angels singing) and a kitchenette with a much much much needed coffee maker.  

Yellowstone was just down the road and the cabin itself slept six people.

We got started early and headed through Montana.  We made some great time (even with the one vomit episode and multiple rest stops).  The part of Montana we drove through was beautiful.

Rest stop lunch in Montana.  One of many peanut butter and jelly meals on this journey.

Playing house at the rest stop.  I'm not sure what part the fire hydrant played.  We continued on through the panhandle of Idaho, into Washington and then into...

The boys were quite excited.  They had been waiting and waiting to see their cousins in Portland!  In fact, as soon as we got off the plane David was asking if it was time to see S and K.

We had no idea that much of Washington and Oregon look much like this - almost deserty and really barren.  It reminded us of the Middle East or something!  Once we got further west by nightfall it began to get much more lush and beautiful.  We were so psyched that we made such good time and we made it from Yellowstone to Portland in one day!!  The plan had been to stop overnight somewhere on the way but thanks to clear roads and awesome 75 mph speed limits, we got there early!  Praise God!  The boys were a dream on the way.  We spent a lot of time playing games and listening to the Story of the World CDs.  Luke slept like an angel and everyone got along really well.  It was certainly a lot of work and a whole lot of driving but overall for that kind of road trip with four little kids, it went remarkably well.

And now we're in Portland!  What a gift and so very very happy to now spend time with my brother and his beautiful family!!


  1. So, I think the cabin is so totally cute. Being that I am not, how you say, 'outdoorsy', one day I would like to do the KOA camp sites. That way, I can feel like my kids are getting a woodsy experience, but I won't be too far out of my comfort zone!

  2. Yeah, that is totally my style of camping.


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