Yarn Along

I put aside working on my little Milo vest for Luke just for a bit in order to work on another newborn hat.  This one is for one of my doula clients who just had a beautiful baby boy a few nights ago!  It was wonderful and the first birth I've attended since Luke was born.  (Luke was great, by the way, and the timing of everything worked out perfectly.  He fell asleep right after I left and woke up just a bit before I returned home the next morning!)  She was beautiful, the baby was beautiful, the birth was beautiful.  I like to knit a simple little hat for the babies whose birth I get to be a part of. It helps me to pray for them and also gives the family a little keepsake gift from the doula.  It is such an honor to be a part of those moments.  This hat is just a basic hat in a pattern of seven, knit in the round using Eco-soft organic cotton.

And reading...these?  Sort of.  These are the books I should be reading anyway.  I've been perusing our fall curriculum a bit to get my act together for our new year.  I have our little routine typed out and I'm hoping to post on our plans for the year soon.  

But in full disclosure, these have been put aside multiple times in favor of finishing up Kristin Lavransdatter.  Teacher manuals don't have much on a good novel, I'm afraid.  I'm on the second part of The Cross.  So intense and so much to think through.  And a whole lot of lineages and Norwegian names to keep track of!  I'm just hoping to have enough remembered of the story in order to meet up with some other local Kristin readers for a little book night.  (How fun is that?)

Joining up with Ginny  JONNYand her his Yarn Along today!  (Brian, beware.  I may be handing you some needles soon :)

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