Thirty Two Tastes Like Ice Cream Cake

A day at the new pool and homemade ice cream cake.  What more could a girl ask for?

Hey, I saw that picture somewhere else!  Totally famous!   

Homemade raw peanut butter ice cream cake with a chocolate crumb layer and topped with some raw whipped cream to be exact.  I totally made my own cake and it was totally worth shunning the protests of my mom and sisters that I wasn't allowed to make my own cake.  Says who?  I had to put that birthday gift I bought for myself to good use and I totally needed a chocolate peanut butter fix.  I laugh in the face of decorum if it means ice cream cake.

Oh, and there were adorable homemade gifts as well.  Our family made out of clothespins (from Michael and they are hysterical.  I am adorned like the Virgin Mary.  Sweet, sweet delusional child.), three popsicle stick boxes (with bonus glitter) (also Michael), a viking ship (?) (John Paul), another popsicle stick box (John Paul), and a card adorned with a black-eyed susan mostly made by me (David..."Mama, will you please help me draw a black eyed susan for your card?")  Luke was so excited to celebrate he woke me up every half hour or so the night before just to tell me.  Oh, and homemade pickles and a gift card to buy new undergarments.  I am totally living the life, y'all.  I even swam and went under the water, adventurous girl that I am.  Thirty two ain't got nothing on me.

For real, so very blessed and a wonderful day.  Now excuse me while I go polish off that cake...


  1. The new pool!!! Yay!

    Happy Birthday to you (a day late).

    I almost made my own cake...well, pie actually...but at the last minute I changed my mind and left it up to Kevin (who bought me the cheesecake I really wanted).

  2. Glad that you had a wonderful day. So nice of your mom to get a pool for you and keep it at her house to take care of it, too. (Lucky you weren't here. It poured ALL day.)

  3. The ice cream cake was awesome! Yes, Mary did let us all have a taste! Such a generous birthday girl! It was a fun day - the pool finished just in time for your birthday - nothing's too good for my Mary!

  4. But...but...wait. Didn't your husband get brownies in a pan???

    Kidding. :)

    Tee hee. Happy birthday!!!

    1. Ha! You're right. Next year, he can make himself an ice cream cake ;)


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