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The flower David suffered three wasp stings to pick for me.  Relieved there was no big reaction...he's had allergic reactions to wasp stings before.

Our coneflower bloomed!


Homegrown herb drying...peppermint, parsley, and basil.  Anyone know if my basil should be turning black like that?


Our goofy turkeys can't help but make me laugh.


Babies grow.  
 Clothes sized up, packed away.  


  1. I always get ridiculously sad while packing away my favorite little clothes. That must be why my youngest's closet floor is overflowing with baskets of everyones' outgrown things that I love too much to retire to the attic. I'm thinking of embarking on some quilts made of my favorites, but then what if I need them again?! Perhaps a silly thing to put so much thought into :) I do love checking on you now and then through p,h,f,r.

  2. Thought I'd let you know that I accidentally posted as my husband, but my comment looked a bit creepy coming from him LOL. This is Laura from barkalowcircus . blogspot . com Let's see if I can get it to post right this time.

    1. You mean your husband doesn't quilt?? Lol... My blog doesn't tend to attract the male quilting audience, I suppose :) Thank you for clarifying!


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