Seven Quick Takes

Zucchinis everywhere.  Fritters, cakes, bread, parmesan, in the burgers, sautéed, frozen....

A skunk (SKUNK) took one of our pullets the other night.  So so sad.  It's the first predator casualty we've had since having chickens.  I feel awful.  We've outsmarted the hawks that are always eyeing them up.  And the foxes and coyotes in the area have never tried (that we know of) since our pen and coop are pretty secure.  But a skunk took advantage of some of the digging that the pullets had done right near the fence.  Brian saw him last night trying to get back in.  Any unique solutions to thwarting skunks?  (Besides a bb gun?  Not that that is out of the question...) 

You know what's cool?  That Kickstarter site!  It's an amazingly innovative idea for new projects to get the capital they need to begin.  If you like the premise of the project, you become a backer and give some money BUT it's not just a donation.  You actually get something for it, depending on what the project is!  So your money not only is helping this new project but giving you something back as well.  It's being done for music, art, and lots of farming.  AND they don't take the money out of your account until the project creators have the minimum amount to actually do the project.  It's such a great idea.  A friend told me about this one, the East Hill Honey Project, so not only can I give money to help a great family begin to provide healthy raw honey to their area, I actually GET some of the honey when it's ready.  Win-win.  Go check it out.

Cake made for my cousin's baby shower.  All natural and no synthetic dyes.  I should do a post on that soon...

Forecast today 74 with a good chance of rain.  Thank you, Lord!  We're supposed to going creeking but rain is a very very good thing.

Found this lovely little creature the other day.  It's a May Beetle (says John Paul).  A very very large May Beetle.

Oh, closer?  Sure!
I've had fleeting thoughts of moving to Texas some day.  Thanks to Jennifer, nevermore, nevermore.

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  1. We have a resident skunk that regularly comes into our yard. We caught it once - in a have a heart trap. We didn't know what we would catch, and it turned out to be a skunk. It was funny watching Kevin throw a blanket over it and then open the cage (I was inside the house, taking pics through the window). It never did spray him and we saw where he got into our yard and saw where he lives in a hole on the other side of the fence. You could always catch it in a trap and then drown the whole thing....but Brian will likely get sprayed : )

    I LOVE zucchini and can't wait for mine to be ready. I had a few last week, but they weren't very good.


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