Saturday Garden Journal 2

Time for a garden update!  Just hold on to your hats, people.

The pole beans

A gallon or so harvested...many more to come.

Ginny inspired me with her homemade make-do trellises.  I knew we needed something and we've had these wagon wheels left here by the previous owners.  Not really my taste to use for decorating...too kitschy or something.  But trellises, maybe?  Am I trying too hard?

Our cucumbers are growing very slowly despite all the watering.

Watermelon!!  A few more growing.  We've never had success with them before.  Here's hoping.

The not really ever-bearing strawberries.  Nothing.

The zucchini have been abundant.  I think they're tuckered out now.  They, the summer squash, and the gourds seem to have gotten some sort of wilt.

Yellow squash, gourds, and tomatoes in the foreground.  Have I ever told you how much I like gourds.  I do.

First success with broccoli ever.  We shared it.

Cherry tomato jungle

Hope to be swimming in cherry tomatoes soon.  Swimming.  

Every year I plant basil.  Every year I realize no one in our family likes basil.  Every year I say I should try and make pesto.  Every year I tell myself it won't be worth it.  Do I dare make a change?  I mean, it makes so much sense right now... you think our romaine has bolted?  It looks sort of neat, though...  Hey, maybe this will reseed itself?  (Do I know much about lettuce?  No.)

We have corn!  Just a bit, but how fun would it be if this actually works?

Sad story of my sunflowers.  The deer had a party the other night.  :#  (That's my angry face.)

So far, we've had the most success ever with our garden!  We're learning.  Our grocery bill has even decreased a bit and with what we hope to be able to put away there should be savings throughout the winter as well!  Score win woot yes.  Oh, and we have pumpkins I didn't take pictures of!  Way in the back yard where I dare not venture.  But they're growing!  (Note to self  (haha, just kidding!) husband:  protect those preciouses from deer.  Otherwise I will have to make my angry face again.)


  1. Mmmmm we love basil!!! If you ever need for it to go somewhere, we're your people!!! That's awesome you have corn too!

  2. And I looove cherry tomatoes if any of yours needs a home!
    Your garden looks great!

  3. looks good and make some pesto- so easy and that is my kids favorite meal- pesto and noodles, pesto and chicken sandwiches, oh so good:)

  4. The wagon wheels are perfect! And, no, you are not trying too hard - you are being thrifty!

    The garden is looking great!

    I grow the basil for the mozzarella cheese and tomatoes - no one here likes it either.


  5. I LOVE the wagon wheel idea!!! I just asked my husband if we had some around here and he laughed (since we don't!) Your garden is beautiful! I would love to try corn some year!

  6. Oh yah! I have 50 Never Bearing Strawberries too! Errr!

  7. Your garden is so neat and tidy! I love the wagon wheel. I am trying corn as well- not sure what will happen but it's fun to see the silks popping out of the stalk.

    Tomato sandwiches are delicious with basil mayo- just chop up a couple of leaves and mix it with your mayo. So yummy! You should dry all that basil and sell it, make a little profit for all your hard work!

  8. your garden is beautiful! Next year we are going to try corn but have some concerns with the raccoons around here :(

  9. Love the wagon wheels. Your tomato forest/jungle reminds me of mine!

  10. Your garden is looking great! I'm planning a big bed of corn this summer and lots of beans too, I like the wagon wheels as trellis, they look great with the vines growing up them. I also always grow basil with the intention of making pesto, but I haven't actually done it yet.... Happy growing, Julie

  11. I ♥ that rusty old wheel in the middle of your pretty and what a neat trellis! I have yet to try broccoli, we had a hard time with brussel sprouts a couple years ago (bugs devoured them), and since they're in the same family I guess I'm afraid to try. Your basil looks great. I would make pesto pizza...try to get your family to like it!!! We have lots of little tomatoes right now, and kale and cucumbers growing...

  12. Oh, look at that garden! I'm also not a fan of rusty-farm-gear-as-decoration (nothing wrong with it, just not my style), but those wagon wheels make awesome trellises. And I'm so jealous that you have broccoli. Next year… xo


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