{pretty, happy, funny, real} - the ultra late edition

Well, I certainly am late today, aren't I?

Last night's harvest


Last Sunday we made our annual trip to Olcott Carousel Park.  It is such a great place for little ones and I think we may even have a year or so left before it begins to lose it's thrill for our clan (love me some innocent kiddos!).  Can you beat 25 cent rides?  Nope.  Lots of happy here...

Sometimes coming from a short family has its benefits.

The Luke-babe gets his first carousel ride.  He enjoyed trying to suck on the metal pole.

John Paul finally got to play skeeball this year.  You have to be all big and eight years old, you know.

And he was quite proud to purchase his own tickets :)


Yes, little boys will try to make their own parachutes and put them to the test...


I came into the living room this morning to see this:

No, child.  Just...no.  You may not be allowed to do that just yet.  
For some reason my babes don't really crawl (except for a hilariously sweet army crawl/drag) and he still can't completely sit up on his own.  But pulling to standing and creeping along the furniture at seven and half months?  Of course!  

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