Six Months

I have never felt six months go faster in my life.  

Luke, I don't even know what to say about you.  You amaze us.  I hope it doesn't sound bad to say that we've been relishing these baby days more with you than with any of our babies.  Part of it is because we realize how these moments pass with a blink.  Part of it is because you make it so easy.

You love to sleep.  From the very beginning you just...slept.  It was strange.  You were content and so simple.  I very much appreciate that, you know, since I certainly wasn't used to it.  You still sleep.  There have only been a few weeks here and there where you've woken multiple times during the night.  You still take two to three naps a day, though they've been getting shorter.

You are sweetness itself.  You smile at everyone.  No matter how tired you may be, you still revel in seeing another person.  Especially your papa.  (He calls you his Lukapotamus.)  I love that you sit and stare at us during dinner just waiting for us to look at you.  And immediately a smile covers your face if we do.  You bring joy to people and that, sweet one, is a beautiful thing.

 You were our only baby who would sit and hang out in someone's arms and not want to be walked and carried everywhere.  (Thanks for that!)  And you don't stop moving and you bounce and step and twist and dance whenever someone is sitting still with you.  You want to fly.

You still love the bath and hanging in the water.  But you've gone from chilling in the warm water to soaking half the living room with your splashes.  You crack yourself up.  We can't get enough.  

You've started to love being outside.  You now get antsy inside if it's nice out.  It's like you know you want to be in the fresh air.  You can spend an hour watching the chickens play in the yard.  It's so sweet to watch.  You've also taken a liking to the cat, who doesn't seem to mind you grabbing fistfuls of fur whenever she passes because she just keeps coming back.   

I've said before how we just want to squeeze you all the time.  Sometimes I'm afraid we will just pop you.  But it doesn't seem to bother you so we'll just keep right on loving on you.  

It has never been clearer to me that you are a gift.  A gift I neither merited or deserved.   I know it is my job, my sacred duty, to take care of this gift because you are first and foremost His.  I have no doubt that your real Father meant for your life to be a gift to the world.  You certainly have been nothing but a gift to us.  

Love you, my sweet Luke-baby.


  1. Such blessings, and so beautifully recognized. I love your blog. It is such a precious way to remember the whirlwind days of your family life.

  2. This is beautiful, Mary. I have tears in my eyes from reading this. I can't wait to see that smile myself and maybe get myself a squeeze or two.


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