The day started out hard.  Actually, the past week has been hard.
The combination of cruddy weather, pain, a baby on a semi-nursing strike, children who have been having trouble getting along (or really trouble with not getting what they want at every moment), outside obligations, and sleepless nights (mostly not due to baby, surprisingly)...I am spent.  It seems like even the littlest tasks keep taking longer than usual and that stupid things keep making things just a bit more difficult.  And I can't eat chocolate because it seems clear now that even the slightest consumption interrupts the Luke-baby's sleeping patterns.  I know, right?  Tears have been shed multiple times today, mostly mine.  

It will pass.  I know it.  These days always do, though it certainly doesn't feel like it when you're in the midst of it.  I don't like to write about days like this because I really don't think it's very helpful except for me to hopefully get some prayers from you dear people.  But they certainly do happen and there are plenty of times when I feel like either I am failing miserably, I am on the verge of a breakdown, or that I did a huge injustice to the world by becoming a mother.  But yes, it will pass.  I know that now.  So I won't whine (anymore) but I will ask for your prayers.  Because on days like this, it's pretty much what gets you through.  Please pray not only that my back is healed but that I can learn to suffer well someday.  I'm not very good at it, you know.  Sometimes I'm just a big old baby.

Meanwhile, we're starting over today and things are already looking better.  My guess is that in the next few days when the sun begins to shine again, things will look much brighter in my head as well.  So...let's talk about something else, shall we?

Like, say, religious freedom!  Yes!  Do you know that this Friday, June 8 is the second Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally being held in cities ALL OVER the country??  You should!  If not, know it now and then make your plans to BE THERE!  For real, if at all possible, please be there.  We need you. I don't care if you're Protestant, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu, Atheist, Confucian, or whatever.  If you value religious freedom and conscience rights, JOIN US.  The great thing about these rallies is that they are very family friendly and children are very welcome.  Click on the link to find the closest rally to you and COME!!  And if you absolutely cannot make the rally, PLEASE set aside some time that day to fast and pray for its success.  We really need everyone.  And if you haven't done anything to fight to uphold our religious freedom, now is the time.  Be there.


  1. Ooooh, I've told my interior baby to please at least start to make her appearance on Friday. If she complies, I can offer up my contractions for the cause of religious freedom!

    1. Perfect! And if babe cooperates, I will offer up not being able to check your play by play of the impending birth (at least for those few hours)...torture!

  2. Weeks like that are the worst, I can't imagine having them with four! Keep our chin up friend, know of my prayers...

  3. Praying for you, my friend. Hang in there.


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