Oy, it's been busy around here these days!  
I'm not a fan of these segments where you feel like you just can't catch up.  Which is probably silly to write because nobody is, am I right?  I've been meaning to record this for a few weeks but just have not had the chance.  A few weekends ago my mom and her siblings did the last of the sorting, cleaning, and emptying of my grandpa's house.  The house sold quickly which was bittersweet and it's now empty.  But it still smells the same.  I may have to get over there one last time before the closing just to smell it (is that weird?).  They had a great system and all of the grandchildren were invited to come and label things that they would be interested in keeping, whether practical or sentimental.  The rest was packed up to be donated.  

I love having pieces of the past and my history in my home.  Even the silly things.  Like spatulas and candles.  It means something to me.  In fact, sometimes those things are even better because they are used more and you are reminded more often of the loved one who passed it along to you.  And you can pray for them and ask them to pray for you.  I think maybe it's supposed to be that way.

My boys each got to choose something that would remind them of Great Grandpa.  I love that each one of them chose something that suited them perfectly.

David made a beeline for this little rake when he saw it sitting in the garage.  Why Grandpa had a miniature rake, I have no idea but it has already been put to much use raking hay for the garden.

 John Paul went home with a box of tools and trinkets also found in the garage.  Lots of old nails, an old screwdriver, a hammer, and the like.  He has big plans for building and I'm sure Grandpa would get a kick out of whatever he creates.  (P.S.  Don't you love when I make sure to copyright photos that no one in their right mind would ever want to steal?  Delusions of grandeur, maybe?)

And Michael?  Picked these from the Christmas box.  Because they're golden.  

And I picked this plane out for Luke.  You know when you're a proud pilot, you get lots of plane-themed gifts.  I think this was supposed to be a Christmas ornament but Luke's been having a ball sucking on playing with it.

No one else seemed to want most of the table linens, some candlesticks, a pair of chairs, and a bunch of other random things I took home (you never know when you will need a vintage meat grinder/salad shooter.  Seriously, I will probably use this thing.  It's awesome.  And a bit scary.)  I've never been shy about getting most of our things secondhand and I think it is so much cooler when it is from someone you love.    I did also get this:

awesome shell plane.  And these:

stunning shell flowers.  Shut up.  They are beautiful.  And you know why they are beautiful?  Because I made them in eighth grade for my Grandpa and Grandma when I took my first ever vacation to the ocean with a friend.  And I was so proud to give them.  How cool that they saved these hideous things simply because they were given to them by their granddaughter (or likely because they were stuffed into a drawer and forgotten about until such times as these.  But still.)  It was neat to find them in the house.  Heirlooms.  I'm sure my boys will be fighting over them some day.


  1. Those shell flowers are awesome! Really!

  2. Thank you Mary. You made me cry and you made Grandpa proud!

  3. Very cool Mary. I think we're all in posession of some wonderful memoriabilia that will connect us with dad, grandpa and mom, grandma for years.


  4. Dear Mary, I love this. I really don't understand blogs but I am so happy your Mom sent this to us!! It's beautiful. By the way I was thinking of asking for the meat grinder & kept forgetting to ask so take good care of it :) I remember helping Grandma make ham salad with it. She used to get mad because it was old & when we put the pickles in it the pickle juice would run all over the place & land on the floor. Oh but the ham salad was good!!! Heirlooms are treasures to be cherished for sure. Thank you again for sharing. Love, MB

  5. I think it's so cool that everyone got to pick out these little treasures. What a great idea, and what a gift and a beautiful memory for your whole family. I know what you mean about smelling your Grandpa's house. As long as you don't look like a beagle when you do it, it isn't weird:) Also, I thought your shell ornament was a hair clip at first. I think you should try it! lol


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