7 Quick Takes

Did any of you watch the Nick Wallenda walk across Niagara Falls?  I admit, I didn't really think much about it even though it was all we were hearing about in the news out here for at least a week.  But then I watched.  And was amazed.  And just a wee bit nauseous.  I can barely look at the Falls and refuse to take my children there until I can figure out some sort of harness system that ropes us all together.  I can't even stomach the thought of a toddler near those death inviting so-called barriers they have there.

John Paul has requested a "Lord of the Dance" birthday for his big day next week.  What almost 8 year old boy asks for that?  Michael Flatley on a cake?  For sure.  More than anything he wants to perform a show for the guests coming.  His initial dream was to have his cousins and friends join him but I think he may have to settle for just his brothers. He cracks me up sometimes.

"You just sold our couch, didn't you?" 
- Brian to me the other night as he came in from the backyard and saw an unfamiliar car leaving the house.
What, you don't surprise sell your furniture, too?  Good for me that he thinks I'm cute.  Usually.

We may not get any pears from our fourteen pear trees this season because of that early spring and late frost we had.  So so sad.

And in the garden we are having a to the death battle with cucumber beetles.  Again.  I hate these demon bugs.  Any suggestions welcome.  I have been paying the boys a penny for each one they kill but they're tricky to get and there are hundreds.  We will be trying neem oil extract next.  People say wonderful things about it so I'm hoping it will work.  Other than that, the garden has been doing really well so far!

My baby sister is getting married NEXT WEEK!  Lots to get done before then but it'll be fun exciting exhausting times, for sure.  We get to see my sister in law and nieces that we haven't seen in over two years!  So looking forward to seeing them and letting the boys play with their cousins!

It has been hot hot hot here the past few days.  These are the days I'm grateful for a shaded house and somewhat breezy porch.  Even still the house has been 85 degrees which makes for sweaty nursing sessions and not a whole lot of energy to take on the day.  Need to find a pool.

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  1. Kevin watched it and was very unimpressed - he said anyone can do it with that big of a bar to balance and the cable was quite thick - his opinion, not mine!

    We are so excited to come next week - and it's been 3 years - not two. Way too long!!

    See you soon.

    1. Wow, 3 years? I guess that's right!! And tell Kevin I'd like to see him try it :)

  2. Do you want to borrow our ducks? I'm serious. They shouldn't mess with the plants but would feast on the beetles. At least that is what i have heard generically about ducks. We have Pekin if you want to investigate the breed to see if they would do the job.

    1. Thank you! I'll look into it. I have a feeling they'd crush the plants, though, even if they weren't wanting to eat them? The beetles are mostly right in the midst of all the plants... But I wouldn't mind having them come visit anyway just because it'd be fun :)

  3. Have you thought about guinea fowl for the beetle problem? I hear they're great for ticks and Japanese beetles so they may take care of your beetles too?

    1. I have heard that! I would love to try them but I've also heard they're pretty noisy... I try to be so careful not to annoy the neighbors with our little endeavors and I don't want to push it. Someday if we have more land, it may be a possibility!


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