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I got a whole slew of hydrangea plants for Mother's Day.  I really hope they survive my abysmal gardening because I love them.  I didn't put them in the most ideal spot either so now they're really challenged.  But if they do survive and grow, yay!  


This boy just makes me happy.  


This is what he REQUESTS for his birthday.

And if you're a new reader (hi there!), you may want to check out the husband's St. Valentine's gift to completely get it...


Oh this.  This is how incredibly really dorky I am.  C'mon, there's six people in the family and he wanted a rainbow birthday and well, I HAD to, you know?  My husband is a good sport, despite his attempts to belittle my birthday baking for him.  And the boys were excited about it.  The end.  Except that I hope they are not permanently scarred by my ideas and we don't someday end up on awkwardfamilyphotos.com.

Now the end.


  1. I love it! I love the last photo!!

  2. I forgot how awesome his Hey girls were! Better than any ole Ryan ones I've ever seen. Laughing to kill myself all over again. The rainbow family photo is great.

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