Making It Count :: Tissue Paper Flower...Cake

My baby sister is getting married!  

Ah, the last one of us to go and get hitched!  My three generous aunts on my mom's side have thrown each one of us a shower before the big day.  There are six girls in my family.  Six.  And this is the last one.  I did mention that they are generous, didn't I?  

We celebrated this past Saturday for Caitlin and I was asked to take care of a cake.  The theme for the shower was Mexican and my cousin told me she was going to be making crepe paper flowers she had pinned on Pinterest as decorations and what colors she would be using. I decided to go with that and pull the theme into the cake.

I found these tissue paper flowers and made a whole bunch in a small size and one of each color doubled in size.  They are quite simple to make but just a little finicky at the end as you need to be careful you don't tear the paper as you're pulling the petals apart.  I actually made my smaller ones even smaller than the original instructions using about 2 1/2"x4" rectangles and 5"x8" for the larger flowers.  There really are no set measurements for this type of flower as long as it's rectangular and gets you the size for which you are looking.  In fact, I didn't even bother to be very exact when measuring and simply used the folds of the paper to help me determine my sizes :)

I love when you can do things ahead of time and this was nice in that I could make them all in spare minutes here and there in the few days before the shower.  Then all I had to do Saturday morning was frost and place the flowers.


I totally get now why so many wedding cakes now feature fresh flowers rather than elaborate icing.  Not only is it beautiful but it is SO easy to just ice and place some flowers AND the bakery can charge the same price for WAY less work!  (And bonus, there are no synthetic dyes used!)

Not fresh, but these matched the decor of our fiesta perfectly!

Click the link below to join Sarah and see how others are making their fun time online work for them in real life and bless their world!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Holy're like a professional baketress! Did I miss the post where you talk about how you're a professional baketress? Because yeah, pretty sure you are one.

  2. So pretty!!! You're cake-making skills totally impress me.

  3. The cake is beautiful! I have always wanted to try making tissue paper flowers. I think that they look so pretty on a cake.

  4. I'm visiting from Small Things (your garden post) but saw this "Link Within" and had to check it out. I just made lots of tissue paper flowers for a Fiesta Party for my husband. They were so gorgeous. Anyway, yours are lovely and that cake is so, so beautiful! The post for my flowers is here:


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