Our Newest Housemates

(Alternatively titled 'Eight Weeks Til Dinner' by the husband.  He's heartless.)

Yep.  We're doing it again.  But let's not think about that part right now and let's just focus on their cuteness, shall we?  And total coincidence that they arrived during Easter week but pretty cool, eh?

Love how they sleep!


  1. adorable!

    my husband named our first batch of chicks: 'Dinner' 'Lunch' 'Parmagiana' ... you get the picture.
    And then he couldn't go through with it: "I couldn't eat them, we played with them!" yep, seems I am the heartless one here!

    blessings and much enjoyment with the little ones!

  2. Oh, they are so precious and tiny! Don't the boys just want to hold them & play with them all the time? Yes - I'd just want to enjoy their cuteness & not think about them "on the plate"!


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