Happy and blessed Easter from our family to yours!

They're all looking.  AND dressed up.  AND smiling!  Score.

And I just have to show you what I saw in my yard when I woke up Holy Saturday:

A certain seven year old determined that this quite large cross was a necessary component to our Good Friday observation.  He built it himself unbeknownst to me and stuck it front and center in the lawn.  Squelching my "what are the neighbors going to think?" inclinations, it's still standing.  (Besides, I'm pretty sure we're already that family so why not go for broke, am I right?)  And this morning he asked for some white cloth and then proceeded to do this:

That boy is something else, I tell you.  Our little evangelist.

And since the babe is napping and the house is quiet while the boys play outside (can we say Easter miracle?), I'm going to subject you to more sharing more from our little morn.  Mass was just beautiful and then we came home to homemade brunch (nothing says Christ is risen like the clone of a cinnabon.  For real.).  We searched for the Alleluia, eggs, and baskets, and are enjoying nap time before dinner at my dad's.  It's been a very good morning.

(Finding the "Alleluia"...that's an 'L')

Found it!

Blessed Easter to you!


  1. That is a fantastic photo of your boys! We got your pot holder comment and will get right on it. We need to go buy more loops tomorrow - we've gotten quite a few orders : )

  2. As per usual, I shall say,!

  3. I lvoe the pictures. Looks like everyone had a great time.

    Your son is a true blessing! What a wonderful idea. My son did the same thing last year, just a little smaller for my mantle. I might have to show him this and see if he gets any ideas (cuz we are definitely THAT family in our town.

    blessings for a wonderful Easter Season

    1. I finally had a chance to check out your Easter blog and we all enjoyed it so much. What a beautiful Tridium you celebrated! I especially loved John Paul's cross. What a pure heart & spirit he has! You're an inspiration. We miss & love you.


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