7 Quick Takes - The Vain, Weepy, Youtube Edition

You wanted to know some random weird and pointless facts about me, right?

I thought so.

My hair...it's falling out.  Again.  Every postpartum time I think I'm going to get away with not going bald afterward and then around three months...boom.  Clumps of hair coming off my head, clogging up drains, hair all over the house.  And I can't even take some sort of solace in the fact that my hair gets all thick and luxurious and beautiful while pregnant because it totally doesn't.  My hair REALLY is thinning on top and you can see it.  And everyone seems to claim that it's normal but I just think they're trying to keep us postpartum women from going all hormonal on them.  So if anyone has the real cause and/or solutions to the postpartum hair loss dilemma, I am all ears.

Flash mobs make me cry.  Almost every time.

So do marching bands.

So does any sort of group singing of a patriotic song.  

So does this:

Goosebumps too.  And if you're like me you totally wanted to vote for Gandalf or Samwise by the end.

Oh my goodness.  What if there was a marching band flash mob that played The Star Spangled Banner??  I would be a total hot mess.  But it would be the coolest thing ever.

Except for this.  I love this:

I enjoy this a lot.  Too much.  It's probably unhealthy.  And I know this is a month or two late but I still think it's funny.  I apologize if you do not have my absurdly weird and/or obnoxious sense of humor and you are offended.  There, you are warned and can't be mad at me now.

Happy Friday!


  1. Okay.

    1. My MIL says she loses clumps of hair when she eats dairy. I have no idea if this is a valid claim or not, but it's worth a shot? Of course, it wouldn't make sense with the whole postpartum thing because that sounds more related to hormones. ?? I don't know.

    and 7. That video? Is hilarious. :)

  2. #6: I *WISH* Gandalf and Samwise were running.

    #7: Too funny!


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