7 Late Quick Takes

The Lukester is four months old today.  FOUR MONTHS.  I don't really know if I want to talk about it.

But I will show you a picture:

 Post nursing goofy joy

And another...

Okay topic change...I've decided to open the blog up to pins again...I know, don't go crazy pinning all those awesomely cool ideas I have ;)  Pinterest changed their terms of service so I think I'm okay with it now and I've added a 'Pin It' button down below my posts.  As long as people don't get all weird and start pinning pictures of my kids or something.  Then all bets are off.


Overheard outside...

Michael:  "David, you MAY NOT hit me with the flag!  That means you don't love America!"

My little patriot.

Know what would be really nice, what with this Picnick closing and all?  Blogger should allow pictures to be edited within a post.  WHY would they not have that ability?  I have no idea why they wouldn't do that.  Makes so much sense, right?  But then again, that would make things easier, and well, Blogger doesn't seem to think that way.

So I need you to do me a favor.  Our old laptop came thisclose to crashing the other day.  Seriously, it was making Pong-type noises and flashing blue screens and all.  (We finally updated and I now have a Macbook...yay!  I've been feeling my way around trying to get comfortable with all these new gadgets and different ways of doing things.  And thank heavens for the computer-savvy husband who was able to somehow save our pictures and documents.)  Anyhoo, now the colors on my blog look all funny.  With the old computer it was a soft sage green and a deep red and I thought it was rather pretty.  Now it's looking very fluorescent lime and quite ugly.  Is that what y'all have been seeing this whole time?  Eek.

Can you give me some sort of description for what you can see?  Is this new computer just off or what?  Help a sister out, y'all.  I know I've been thinking I'd like to freshen things up a bit anyway but that requires a good chunk of time which as of late is a rare commodity.  But I could at least protect your eyes from this new lime grossness that is offending mine.

That is all.


  1. I see pretty sage green. I wonder if you need to configure your screen somehow? There's a word for that- I've read about it in photography books, but i can't remember what it's called. Basically you supposedly adjust your screen till it "sees" the right colors.

    Boy, I'm tons of help, yes? :)

  2. CALIBRATE! That's what it is, I think you're supposed to CALIBRATE your screen.

    Or something. :)

    1. ah, yes, I tried to do that but it doesn't seem to be changing much. I even went into expert mode and then things got weird and I got nervous :) Thank you for the help!

  3. I see sage. And dead people!

  4. no flourescent colors on my computer!

    wow! 4 months - I can relate, I don't like to talk about birthdays either!


  5. Nice flag etiquette!
    Way to teach your younger brother, Michael!


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