Window Seats

I promised I would show pictures of the latest little home project so here we are!

The husband finished up our window seats in the 'library' (that sounds fancy, doesn't it?)!  

 He built the shelves last year and we've been meaning to put the window seats in for extra cozy seating and it took a little longer because I demanded politely asked for

In an old 1881 farmhouse there isn't much in the way of closet space here.  Two of the bedrooms don't even have a closet and there is one tiny one downstairs.  We've had to be a bit more creative with how to hide things.  So happy to finally have a better spot for the games and puzzles!  The other size is holding blankets and the older people puzzles.  The front panels also are removable since on the other side there is a radiator running underneath.  That way in the winter we can remove the panel and not trap the heat.  Thank you to the husband who worked this out for me!

Now any suggestions on where to find inexpensive cushions or (gulp) how to make them?  

What now, you ask?  Well, here's your clue about what project has now been moved to the front of the list:

Because, you know, it would be kind of nice to have kitchen seating that didn't collapse and result in dinnertime tears and bruises...  


  1. LOVE the window seats!!! And I see Goldilocks has visited your house. Yeah, she visits us here, too. Darn chairs! lol

  2. what a talented husband you have!

    And please tell me the color coordinated books are a result of happy happenstance, staging for the picture, and your children actually leave them everywhere except on the correct shelf? [Mostly because that's what happens in my house - stuff everywhere~ and I don't want to be the only one with children who can't find shelves that take up the entire wall...]

    as far as a cushion - since it is the season, maybe a patio cushion might fit? or you could get a firm oversized regular bed pillow and then you can change the covers whenever they get dirty. Good luck!


    1. Haha, someone noticed!! My husband looked at me like I was nuts when he found me rearranging books a few weeks ago! I kept everything on the same shelves (they're somewhat organized by topic) but did color group them. And I actually like it so much more than before! Who'da thought? The shelves with the little kid books don't stay super neat but for the most part the boys have been good about keeping them at least on the shelf where they took them from. and I've tried hard to teach them that they can't start a new activity until the prior one is put away. That is getting harder and harder to implement, though! And next year once Luke is walking...yikes! And so far, none of our boys are tall enough to reach the other ones so the upper ones stay nice and neat :) Now, we don't have too much of a problem with books staying neat but we DO have a toddler who has decided that it is his mission in life to color and draw anywhere BUT where he is allowed...

    2. very funny, your husband probably had the same look that is usually on my husband's face...

      I can relate to the drawing, my Lucas found a Sharpie in his sister's room (she is in college) and decided the white trim around my bedroom door needed a little black contrast - still haven't gotten to that Magic Eraser yet, someday!

      Have a great night


  3. wow...that is beautifully perfect!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy Spring!

  4. I am trying to do something similar but finding good hardware has been a challenge. What brand hinge did you use for the storage seating? When open, do the hinges keep the door up or do you need to hold the door up?

    Thank you!!

    1. The outside hinge is a simple one from Lowe's. It's not my favorite decor wise but that's what the husband came home with and it wasn't worth arguing since I added a top cushion anyway! Similar to this: Black Cabinet Hinge
      Inside there is a hinge also from Lowe's but I can't find it on their site right now. It is supposed to be slow-closing and hold it open but since we only put it in on one side, it doesn't work that well. It doesn't hold up the lid and we have to be careful about fingers. I just asked the husband and he said he should have put in two but he got frustrated because they were hard to install :/ If you can't find what you'd like at a big store, I would suggest checking out Rockler! Hope that helps!


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