Our Faithful Departed

My grandfather passed away this morning.
He had a peaceful death and I'm so grateful I was able to make a visit last night to see him.  I was able to tell him how much I love him and how proud I am to be his granddaughter. 

He was an Air Force pilot in  WWII.  The plane he flew was responsible for taking out one of Hitler's weapons factories in Germany that was working on creating an atomic bomb.  When he came back from the war, he married my grandmother and opened a stationery and teacher supply store where he worked for four (or is it five?) decades.  They were blessed to raise five children.  That grew into 15 grandchildren.  And that grew into 27 and counting great grandchildren.  He was so proud of his growing number of "offspring" as he called us and would tell those he knew (and those he didn't) his current tally of progeny.  

He spent years working on behalf of the unborn through diocesan work and congressional  lobbying.  He worried about the state of our country and the erosion of the freedoms for which many of his comrades gave their lives.  He sent us emails about ways in which his grandchildren could stay informed on important political and religious happenings.  He was a daily communicant for years.  When I was 17, he grieved the loss of my grandmother and I remember seeing him cry.  He inspired me to desire that same kind of love.

He told us he was ready to go and was excited for what awaited him.  What a blessing that is.  I am so grateful that the Lord calls us not only to communion with Him but to a complete communion with each other in the body of Christ that is more powerful than our physical death.  I pray that the angels will bring him to paradise and that his soul will be eternally united to God.  I pray that he now is in complete union with my grandmother and all the Church triumphant and is reveling in the beatific vision.  I pray that he can now know the son or daughter of ours who awaits me and prays for our family in heaven.  

I pray that the soul of this faithful departed man, through the mercy of God, may rest in peace.  

Please pray with me.

One handsome guy

And because I just love this picture :)

Meeting Luke (his 41st offspring)


  1. Oh Mary, you and your grandfather are in my prayers. What a touching, beautiful tribute. You have me in tears...

  2. What a wonderful story!

    I lost my grandfateher last year, may you have the same peace I have found in remembering the good and the great.

    Your grandfather sounds like a fantastic man and a great inspiration.

    Thank you for sharing him.

    Prayers and blessings

  3. Mary, this is a great tribute. Thanks for sharing it. We are really frustrated to be so far away from family right now.

  4. What a wonderful man. Prayers and hugs, Mary.

  5. Praying for the repose of his soul and for your family at this time Mary... With love, Becky


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