Seven Quick Takes - Volume 2

John Paul and Michael are now in their own community education soccer class once a week.  Wish it could be the same time or place but it's on two different nights.  Okay.  I can deal with that for eight weeks.  I've acquiesed to the fact that to get my children involved in some of these activities, it's going to involve some weeknights and family sacrifice.  They love it.  And I love seeing them run and burn off some of that energy that builds up during these winter days. 


It has been brought to my attention that my seven week old is really big.  Not roly-poly big (which I would also adore) but just BIG for his age and for being one of ours.  See, my husband and I are little people (no not like that show) but I'm 5' 2" and he's 5' 7".  We make little people.  But this one?  Not so much.  I'm used to my kids being way behind when it comes to clothes sizes.  My boys didn't fit into 3-6 month clothes until they were at least 6 months.  Michael is a month away from being five years old and he fits into 3T pants.  So, my little baby Luke fitting into some of his 3-6 month clothes at 7 weeks?  Weird.  My nephew is 2 weeks younger and Luke is double his size.  And his head?  I'm knitting some new hats because it doesn't fit into any normal hats and I'm not even sure this new one will fit.

Oh, and he rolled over the other day.  I'm really hoping it was just a fluke because that is way too early, right?

See?  His head?  That is not a newborn head.  Maybe my timing was way off and I birthed him, I don't know, two or three months post EDD.

I wrote a knitting pattern (actually two but one is in my head)!  That probably sounds really nerdy but it's actually kind of neat that I've been able to figure out that crazy knitting language enough to make up my own (little and simple) pattern!  I think I may share it here for the Wednesday Yarn Along.  I'm kind of proud!

So I think I've become a fan of Downton Abbey.  I saw it briefly mentioned on another blog and since my Monk run finished when I was pregnant, I was open to another good show to watch.  Who would have thought it would be a British accent PBS drama?  It really is quality, though, and I'm getting hooked.  I just wish it was on more than once a week!

The other morning I mentioned to the husband that I wanted to do something fun and maybe go away or get a hotel room with the family for a night.  Just something different to look forward to, you know?  I get like this at this time of year.  Michael overheard and says with so much genuine excitement "OR...we could do the state puzzle!"  Yes, sweetie, doing a floor puzzle that we've done about 37,000 times is almost the same thing as a taking a little mini-getaway.  Almost.

The feast of the Presentation (Candlemas) was Thursday so yesterday we took down our window candles and wreaths.  It's pretty neat how I'm almost always ready to move on to the next season in the rhythm of the Church.  It feels good to get the last of Christmas celebrating cleaned up and my mind has moved to ways to observe Lent as a family.

Taking down the wreaths

We took advantage of another warmish day last week and took a walk down to the creek.  I grabbed some pics and then promptly freaked out with four kids on a slippery bridge overlooking deep water and we headed back.  But look at me trying to be all artsy...

Not so sure about this outside in the cold thing...

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  1. The puzzle thing is hilarious. I love that kind of enthusiasm and excitement from a child. So funny.


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