A Mailbox Surprise!

I love getting a (good) surprise in the mail and just the other day a sweet surprise came in the mail for our boys! 
They were so very excited to receive a gift from all the way across the country.  And these gift-givers knew exactly what to send to make some little boys very very happy!

And what is David wearing, you ask?

Why, it's armor of course.  Obviously.

And, because it must, the reading evolved into a full-blown reenactment.  Can you guess what role each person is playing?  Brian is playing, too, and David is tied to that chair...

Thank you, cousins Sydney and Kayleigh, for such a special gift!! 
It was a perfect gift for these boys and we can't wait to see you this summer!


  1. We are so glad they all enjoyed it! Both girls look forward to playing Narnia this summer.

    Our guesses for who's playing what role....
    David is Edmund, Brian is the white witch (tying up Edmund), John Paul is Peter and Michael is the wolf (or vice versa).

    1. Close! Brian was about to untie David so he was Aslan. And Peter (Michael) is fighting the white witch (hence the crown and one of Papa's old sort of white shirts :)

      Thank you so much again - the boys loved it!

  2. I can't wait until June to see these cousins all playing Narnia together! What a show that will be!

  3. P.S. I LOVE David's armor! Who's the designer? Very cool!


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