The Goings On...and Pinning It Down {3}

We've had a busy few days without much time to step into blogland!  So how to recap the last few days? about with the randomness and literary laziness of a list?  Yep, that sounds good.

I got my husband to eat Indian food!!  While that might sound somewhat uneventful to some of you, I assure you this was a big deal to him.  I've been nagging encouraging my husband to try new things.  When it comes to food, that definitely goes against his nature but he's promised me he would try.  My wonderful mother offered to watch the older boys so that we could get a much-needed date night and we had a lovely dinner at the local Indian restaurant with a gift certificate I'd been saving (thank you!).  While we entertained the staff with our amateur Indian pronunciation and many questions, Luke half-slept in his seat.  We ate goat.  And paneer cheese.  And marka markhati (I think...).  And naan.  And then there were fennel seeds and coconut served at the end "to aid in digestion."  I ate a few spoonfuls.  I'm pretty sure that was what I was supposed to do.  There was also two bowls of water with rose petals given to each of us.  I'm sort of sure they were for washing our hands but drinking it did cross our minds.  I think the staff was trying not to laugh at us but that's okay because it was such a fun thing to try something new and there was only one other table filled in the whole place.  And how sweet is it that the ladies receive a red rose at the end of the meal?  But back to my husband.  He ate Indian food.  And he LIKED it.  Score one for the wife.

Our Lukey-babe turned 2 months yesterday and we had a doctor check-up for him super early yesterday morning.  Eleven pounds and one ounce of cuteness, he is.  I can't get over what a sweet baby he is and we are so blessed with a baby who sleeps.  (Is there a connection between a baby who sleeps and parents who are able to better recognize the cuteness of said baby? Probably.)  He only gets up once at night and is taking long naps during the day.  And don't go thinking all my babies were like this.  I earned this one.  That I did.

I should comment on some of the ridiculousness of the common pediatrician visit and the handout they gave me on what to expect out of a two month old (eating four or five times in 24 hours...REALLY???  Please new parents, do not expect that.  I would actually be quite worried if that was the case.  I eat more often than that and I'm ten times his size.)  But I don't feel like going there.  Not today :)

Hi there.  I'm two months old and rockin' the smiley, cooing baby cuteness.

Oh yes, today is St. Valentine's Day! 
Yesterday we were invited to Grandma's annual St. Valentine party.  A glimpse of our day:

There was Valentine Bingo...

Pin the Heart on the Monkey (of course)...

and homemade valentines...

even a few Pinterest-inspired ideas!  (Here and here)

Grandma prepared a special red lunch (dye-free...thank you, Mom!)...

 complete with heart-shaped sandwiches and special love notes from Grandma and Grandpa. 

We had so much fun that when we pulled into the driveway...
this was the scene in the back of the van.  Can you see all three?  A partied-out bunch :)

Later on today, we'll be celebrating with just our family with heart-shaped pizza for dinner and valentines made for everyone!

We've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding our still-broken refrigerator.  Yes, still broken.  It's been deemed unrepairable but rather than replace it as the warranty explicitly states, Bosch is trying to just give us back the amount we paid.  Well, we got a crazy good deal and what we paid won't even buy the most basic of refrigerators so we want them to honor warranty law, stand by their product, and replace the fridge.  Hopefully, there will be a good update on this saga in the near future.  For now, I'm sort of used to not having a fridge besides the little dorm-size one and the porch.  When we finally get a replacement it will feel like such a luxury!

This was the scene we walked into the other day:

Bible study, homeschool style.  They seriously all had Bibles and were comparing and contrasting the stories.  I'm glad we caught a picture because it sure looks impressive, doesn't it?  Don't be fooled.  I'm sure within minutes of this serene moment there were blocks to be fought over or something.

So that's been a small snippet of the last few days or so!  I hope you all have a wonderful feast of St. Valentine (and Ss. Cyril and Methodius...those poor guys so get the shaft)!  You can see more Pinning it Down over at Pam's this week!


  1. I wish we could have come to Grandma's party. : (

  2. Those Valentines a sweet with the little hands a feet. A treasure for sure.

  3. What a fun party that looks like! Love the Valentines yall made.

  4. What a WONDERFUL mother you have! A sweet party for little sweeties. I love it.

    (and those pediatrician handouts always make me crazy too. such insanity.)

  5. What a fantastic idea! I might have to start that with my grands next year. I think it would be a blast. And I love your boys reading their books- too sweet. Happy St. Valentine's day. :)


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