A Glimpse Into My Lenten Observance

Normally I'd be a bit shy to talk about one of my Lenten goals for this year.  But with this one?  I think I know myself well enough to know that I'll need a little bit of the accountability factor here.  And that way you can cheer with me when it's done :)

I set a goal for myself of running a 5K this year.  I don't know why except to say that I think it will be cool to say that I did it.  And then I plan to never run again.  Turning 30 did some crazy things to me, my friends.  Running to me evokes the images and nausea that encompassed running the mile in high school.  Remember that?  The time of the school year when the gym teacher forced us with fear and trembling to run around the track while kids in math class stared at us out their window.  This was, of course, part of the 'Presidential Challenge' wherein we were supposed to believe that the president of the United States was very much concerned with our ability to touch the tips of our toes without bending our knees (Middle East peace? Pshh...we need to make sure these kids can run 15 feet and bring back a chalkboard eraser in an acceptable amount of time!!).  And the climax of his challenge to us was Running the Mile.  We dreaded it and did everything possible to get out of it.  So much so that I seized the opportunity on a church skiing trip and took a great fall tearing my ACL (see that cool knee brace?) in order to get out of it.  (Okay, not really, but it was an unexpected bonus of the injury.) 

But I got this silly idea in my head and set this goal for myself and that means in my crazy world that I have to do it.  And once I found out that my sister, unbeknownst to me, had also set the same goal...well it may as well have been a divine decree.  So we're going to do it together and maybe even be joined by a few more sisters.

I decided I would start at the beginning of Lent with training which seemed the oh so appropriate time.  And that way, the nine week program will be completed within a few weeks of the 5K we plan to run at the beginning of June.  I bought those spiffy new sneakers with some Christmas money since I haven't had a pair of new sneakers since, um, high school. I  started today with the Couch to 5K running plan that has helped non-runner friends of mine start running (they even admit to LIKING it now) and they have highly recommended it.  I even got to use my husband's fancy phone to help me keep track.   

Aaaaand...I did it!   The first session.   All two miles!   Please, God, don't let the lady in my ears say jog again. 
It felt so exhilerating!  I thought I might die of a heart attack right there on the street.  
I'm going to kill it on workout two.  If I can move my legs. 

This Lent is going to be a good one.


  1. Love this! Especially that you get to do it with your sister. Awesome. I think couch to 5k is such a great, doable program, too. Maybe after I have this here baby I'll do it too :)

    Other things: I've secretly been dreaming about doula-ing. You're the only person I've told. Shhhhhhh! But I welcome any doula posts or advice you'd like to write. Yep, that would be great...so I can live vicariously through you!

    1. I'll work on that :) Except I have only attended a few births before going and gettin' all pregnant and having a baby myself (which, conveniently, is why I did not do the running thing until now) so I'm not quite sure I have the street cred. But I certainly like talking about it! Actively doulaing is on hold at the moment now with a newborn but I'm looking forward to when God puts another mom in my path that I can help!

  2. Which sister? Watch out - it can become addictive. I said I would never run and now I run 3-5 miles a couple times a week.

    Ok- off for a run now!

    Maybe we can run together in June : )

    1. Kelly! And we've convinced Caitlin and Erin to give it a go with us. We're still working on getting Bridget, Shannon, and Mom to give in. I'll have to trust you on the addictive part at this point :)


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