State of Grace - A Photo Shoot

Welcome to the Church, Luke Emmanuel!
Baptized in Christ January 8, 2012
The Solemnity of the Epiphany

Baptized in Christ...

And anointed priest, prophet, king...

To sanctify the world...


Clothed in purity...
(The beautiful gown is an heirloom on Brian's maternal grandmother's side.  Has been worn by well over one hundred babies and is super old and gorgeous.  Underneath he has on the gown from my maternal grandmother's side.)

And he smiles...he likes feelin' all holy and clean.

The angels stand in awe of the newly Baptized child...and so should his parents.

They should also want to kiss him all up and breathe in all his purity and sweet innocence...which they do.

And then they should eat cake and celebrate :)


  1. GORGEOUS photos! Congratulations and welcome to sweet baby Luke!

  2. However did you get him propped up in that rocking chair? And find time to make that awesome cake?

    Welcome baby Luke!


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