The Goings On

We're all feeling much better in these here parts today, thank you God!  It's been a long few weeks but I think our immune systems have finally won out and we've fought off these infections, flu, colds, and whatever else was laying seige to our family.  I don't know if it was one massive bug that manifested itself in a whole bunch of different ways or if we just kept picking up different things because our immunes were so taxed.  But either way, I think we are on the other end of it and we can start living life more fully again.  Just a few pictures of these last few weeks during the off and on sickness and times in between...

We made it to our homeschool group's Epiphany play on a day that I really thought we were no longer sick...

Michael played a star :)  It's fuzzy because I cropped it... I really don't like sharing pictures of other people or their children online without their permission but I just couldn't resist sharing this sweet face with you!  I was so proud of him!  I really wasn't thinking he'd make it through and was sure he'd end up shutting down and refusing to do it.  But he did it...with a smile!

Blessing the house for Epiphany

The Lintel Blessing...a bit hard to see the white chalk on the tan wall, but it's there :)

We got outside one mild day last week and took a walk!  It felt so very good to get outside and breathe fresh air.  We made it partially down the street and I considered it great success.  My first time with all four kids outside!

We found some seed pods AND part of a deer antler which we considered the ultimate treasure.

John Paul has been wanting to practice with my camera.  I'm not sure what kind of photo shoot he was trying to do in these shots but it did involve a lot of giggling.

 And my Luke.  Because he's cute.  And growing so very fast.

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