7 Quick Takes - Volume 1

I fell prey to the flu that everyone and their mother seems to be getting now.  So to distract you from the unwashed hair and the lingering smell of sickness around here, I present 7 Quick Takes hosted by Conversion Diary.

We've still had a few people bringing us dinners since Luke was born.  It is such a great thing to do for a family that's just had a baby.  I've often done it in the past but the gift that it has been for us these past few weeks is definitely motivating me to make sure I do it whenever I can.  Funny how the people who have taken time to bless us in this way are some of the most busy people I know with so much on their own plates.  Thank you!

Please read this article by Jen.  She says so much that I have been thinking on for quite some time now and hope to post about in the future.  How often to we use our children as an excuse for not doing what is good for us or for living in a constant 'survival mode' - that phrase I hear so very often?  How much of it is valid and how much do we need to just get over it and thrive?  Do we dare to feel sorry for ourselves because we have been incredibly blessed by the awesome (and incredibly demanding) gift of children?  Something that I know I and many others need to think on...

Luke is losing his hair.  Just on top and not on the sides.  He definitely has that old monk a la St. Francis thing going on.  I'm not a big fan.

We finally had our first real snowfall today!  Can't believe it took so long but it looks beautiful out.  So glad I don't have to drive in it.  I've been watching the cars go around the corner by our house and they're having a rough time of it.  Brian (thank you, God) was able to stay home today since both David and me were barely able to move this morning and take care of us.  I don't know what I would have done if he hadn't have been able to be here!  Being the rockstar that he is, he's been on top of laundry, lunches, vomit control, and taking care of all of us. The bad driving makes me doubly glad that he's here.

I've been looking for used pianos on Craigslist.  One of my goals for this year is to get the kids going with some better music education and exposure.  I so wish I had learned an instrument when I was younger.  I tried several times to learn piano and guitar in my older years and never stuck with it.  I can read music, though, at least.  I'm really hoping to find someone who can come here to teach at least John Paul piano for a reasonable fee.  I wish my sister-in-law, the master violin player and suzuki teacher lived closer!  My seven year old niece can play beautifully...

I miss Trader Joe's and Ikea.  Trader Joe's is coming to Rochester next summer, though!  I have been submitting requests to them for years to come to western NY and they finally are!  It'll still be an hour drive but will be so worth the trip a few times a year!  Ikea...well, we have one in Toronto two hours away, but that's Canada and now requires an upgraded license or state I.D. to get there for everyone in the family and that just ain't happening.  They ship sometimes but the shipping costs for furniture defeat the whole purpose of us going there in the first place.

And just for fun, it is now time for a rousing game of Name That Newborn...John Paul, Michael, David or Luke?  Under normal circumstances I have ethical issues with cloning but the way we do it, I think it's okay ;)  Answers are in the comments :) 

 Hope you're having a wonderful Friday...and if you don't mind sparing a prayer that our family finally gets better, I'd really appreciate it!


  1. A. Michael
    B. Luke
    C. John Paul
    D. David

    John Paul looks the most distinct, but he definitely had that same look...just couldn't find a good picture of it! Did you get it right??

  2. Mary- I got them all right! Does that make me a good aunt or what!! I can definitely tell them apart even though they do look so similar!

  3. I got them alright too!! Yeah Grandma! They are so alike but definitely have their distinctive features. That was a fun game!

  4. Oh man, I guess I shouldn't tell you that I couldn't tell them apart and had to recheck to make sure I got it right! Bad mom or you guys are really good!

  5. I only got John Paul right...

    I would LOVE to teach my little nephews to play violin. And we have IKEA and Trader Joes out here - so the simple answer is for your family to move out here : ) I could do lessons while you go shop.

  6. I'll also bring you dinner once a month if you move here - new baby or not! : )

  7. We have our first snow fall here today (Bellingham, WA). Loved seeing your beautiful photos...
    May you and your family be blessed with good health and great musical experiences!


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