Yarn Along 12/21/11

 Knitting a week after the baby's birth?  Yes, ma'am.  This is actually the easier time right now since Brian is still off of work...we'll see how much gets done once he has to go back.  I can't believe that most of the hats I had knit for this little guy don't fit him!  He came out over a pound bigger, a couple inches longer and with a bigger head than my other three.  Thankfully, I did have a few that fit and all the longies I knit long enough that they fit fine!  My cable hat that I was so proud of was not one of those things that fit so this week I quickly knit up another in a bigger size.  How's this for cuteness?

Can you see all that dark fuzz on his face?  He's my little hairy baby...seriously, his whole back, legs, everywhere has this sweet soft fuzz :)
I'm now working on this Bitty Cabled Cardigan to match the hat and longies.  I attempted this before as my first sweater and it was quite funny how small it turned out.  It would've made for a great doll sweater.  This time I'm upping the size and needles and hoping that it fits him!  It looked good on the needles but I'm still not sure.  And I'm almost out of the yarn...in fact, I had to rip out the too-small cable hat in order to have enough and I'm still hoping this doesn't turn into a short sleeve sweater!  Really hoping this can be a little Christmas outfit for him!

Brian just picked up The House at Riverton by Kate Morton for me at the library so I just started that last night.  I feel like I should be reading something more profound this week.  Well, we are doing the Jesse Tree readings and the daily Gospel readings with our Advent wreath lighting so there is that to make me a feel a little bit better and seasonally appropriate.

And on the knitting topic, if anyone has any suggestions for picking out a needle organizer, let me know!  I asked for one for Christmas from Brian and the boys but Brian asked that I pick it out because I know better what will work.  Any sites or suggestions?  Right now all my needles are in an old can and that just doesn't work.  It is seriously the least intelligent way to do things.  I'm constantly searching for the right sizes and losing needles and markers.  I'd like to probably get something off of Etsy but not exactly sure what so any help or guidance is appreciated!!

Go visit the rest of Ginny's Yarn Along and to all those who are just stopping by from her place, may you have a beautiful merry Christmas filled with His presence!


  1. Aaron was so hairy as well. I started calling him my 'monchichi' (which was a show when I was younger about the cutest little monkeys). 8 months later and the only name that Aaron responds to is ,'monch'. Love furry babies:)

  2. Congratulations! I love the little cap. It's gorgeous!

  3. Congrats on baby. I am so wanting to knit more for our soon to be new baby but we don't know what we are having. What a fun Christmas with a brand new baby.

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy ♥ Sweet little cap ~ perfect.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. Congrats on the baby, he is beautiful!. I cannot believe that your hats did not fit...huh. Well I hope your knitting from here on out will fit :)


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