Advent Goings On Round Here

Just a few pics from the goings-on here the last few weeks...y'know, besides the incredibly awesome new addition.  His birth kinda distracted me from posting pics of some of our Advent preparations...



And, because I just can't resist...a little bit of the sweetness I get to now witness on a daily basis:

May this last week of Advent be filled with His peace and be a time of holiness for you and your family!


  1. Wait..did you paint your kitchen?! It looks amazing!!! Love the pics and the new little one!!:)Heather

  2. We (i.e. brian) did! PB's Edgecomb Gray (but looks more like a tan than gray...)Along with a thousand other pre-baby projects. I like it so much better now. And now we're done for a good while and I will ignore all the other little things that we didn't get to :)

  3. I love it!Did you guys (ie Brian, lol) do the cupboards, too?:)Heather

  4. No...that project will be put off for a while. I'm not sure if painting them is going to happen since it's a LOT of work we've learned to do them right. If we do change them, we may just buy new doors and paint the bases to match, I don't know. For now, they're in good shape and I can hold off on my white cabinets for a little bit :)

  5. Looking at these pictures is like gazing back to a simpler time that is so appealing. You have done such an amazing job capturing the beauty of the season for your family. Your home is so cozy and beautiful. What wonderful memories you're creating for your boys.


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