{pretty, happy, funny, real} - volume 4

{Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life}

I'm joining again with Leila and her girls over at Like Mother, Like Daughter for another {p,h,f,r} today...


So this isn't what I would call pretty, but my husband definitely thinks so.  He leased a new pickup truck yesterday!  He's been hoping for a pickup for years now.  I'm not loving the idea of a lease...I'm much more a buy-used-and-pay-for-it-now type of person.  Apparently, though, since this is now leased through his business, it makes lots of sense tax-wise.  I don't know...I don't get all that stuff.  I do love doing our taxes but have no idea when it comes to business taxes!  I don't like the idea of not really owning this but I'm going with my husband on this one and trusting that this makes the most sense for us.  His previous car was on its last legs and had no chance of passing the upcoming state inspection without dumping loads of money into it.  So, my dear husband got his dreamed-for pickup truck.  He deserves it.  I do think the blue is pretty :)


We finally got our first snow yesterday!  It only lasted a few moments but the boys were excited and already have lots of snow fort and maple sugar candy plans.  I was hoping there would be enough snow and cold to freeze the several little lakes in our yard (we've had lots of rain!) and give us some free skating areas, but no such luck.

Oh, and one more happy?

It's December.  That means I'm HAVING A BABY this month.  Yep.  That's kinda, sorta happy, too :)


A few days before Thanksgiving the boys and I made some pilgrim and Indian hats to take to Grandma's for dinner.  For John Paul, that morphed into wanting to do a Thanksgiving play for everyone.  Which morphed into him creating his own costume Thanksgiving morning out of scraps from the fabric basket.  All by himself.  It was quite the site watching him hot glue this little number together piece by piece, much of it while he was wearing it.  Please don't tell this sweet, proud little pilgrim, but it looks like he may have had an unfortunate encounter with a bear...or maybe that those Indians weren't as peaceful after all...


Okay, so this is kinda funny, too.  John Paul and now Michael both really enjoy sewing with felt.  I love that.  Michael has been working for months now on a baby chick and egg for the new baby.  John Paul has done several projects.  The latest?  A wool gun.  Army green, of course.  Waldorf would be so proud.

Please go visit the rest of the {p,h,f,r} links over at Like Mother, Like Daughter and enjoy :)


  1. Love the photos. My son would like to make a green army gun too.

  2. A wool gun! What boy should be without one? So cute.

    Having a baby is definitely a "happy." Congratulations and may everything go well for you!

  3. I think your son is AMAZING. What stick-to-it-iveness! He glued himself a costume! It looks terrific!


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