{pretty, happy, funny, real} - volume 5

{pretty} {handsome}

Our beautiful handsome little miracle.  I need to do a little photo shoot with him soon to capture more of his sweetness for you all :)


 The morning Luke was born.  All of them were SO excited and happy.  Michael spent a long time just laying like this and then about 45 minutes holding him before we could pry him away :)

 It has been amazing watching these boys just fall in love with their little brother.


The night before Luke's birth the boys treated us to a Nativity play...David was Jesus and apparently those are swaddling cloths and a manger.  He's looking a wee bit oversized for the part.  We now have the perfect newborn baby Jesus.  Perhaps David will be transitioned to a new role.


 This is what happens when you just can't convince your two year old that those things drying on the tray are NOT cookies.  Take a close look at the bottom right ;)

Go on over to Like Mother, Like Daughter for more {p,h,f,r}!  Hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I'm swooning over the baby, giggling over the infant Jesus in his manger.

    Blessed Christmas, Mary!

  2. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful blog! I just hopped over here from Like Mother Like Daughter. Congratulations on the birth of your newest son! He was born on my oldest son's birthday! We are expecting boy #3 soon so seeing your three boys warms my heart. God bless!

  3. Those teeth marks are as good a keepsake as the handprint! Precious. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Found you via Sarah's blog post. Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby boy! Boys are wonderful aren't they? LOL! Loved the bit about the 'cookie'. That's something my little Fulton would do.

  5. Thanks for joining! Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
    Merry Christmas!

  6. I want to grab up little Luke for a snuggle. Tell him not to grow too much before next summer.

    Love the toddler Jesus - did you see the nativity play we were treated to? Complete with giraffe (donkey) and innkeeper (Triscuit box).

    Merry Christmas!


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