Dear Snow

Dear Snow,

We both know that you and I have had our differences over the years.  I apologize for the rude comments made in your direction and frustration I've experienced with you over the years.  You see, this year, you seem to be avoiding me.  And I understand and normally, I'd be okay with it.  But this year, I was kind of, sort of hoping that you would be making your appearance by December and I'm starting to think you really have something against me.  Please show this rain that this is your time.  Really, you deserve it and you do a wonderful job of making everything look so clean and beautiful.  And...I was kind of, sort of hoping that you could make your entrance gracefully on a night that I happen to be giving birth.  Nothing huge, just a nice gentle showing, if you don't mind stopping by.  Just a small request for this very pregnant lady.  Then, anytime after the end of January or so, I'd be totally okay with you going off and doing your thing somewhere else.  Thank you so much for thinking about it.

Your old friend,

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