David's Miniature Mass Set

My friend Lori was a huge help in putting this gift together for David.  She designed a wooden miniature Mass play set that she used to sell.  It is adorable and she came over for an afternoon before Christmas to help me put one together for David for Christmas.  She's also the friend who was instrumental in helping us slaughter our chickens and works as a doula and birth educator...a woman of many talents if I ever I knew one.  David loves the set and has been playing with it every day.  Her painting is much better than mine so I'm so glad she was willing to help me!


  1. Oh, my! This is such a great idea! When we were kids we "played" the Mass, too, but just used items we had lying around the house. I just may have to borrow this idea for my soon to come grandchild. With the way I procrastinate sometimes, it will be finished at just the right time. You did a lovely job painting the Mass set!

  2. Is she not making these anymore? the website won't load for me.

    1. I just checked and she is no longer able to make them due to her other commitments :( I'm sorry! I wonder if one of the other popular crafters on Etsy would be willing to do one - St. Luke's Brush?

  3. I will have to check, thanks!


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