At Two Weeks...

My little Luke...

At two weeks you have already stolen our hearts.  I can't believe how blessed I am that I get to be your mama.  You are amazing and  I have been treasuring every moment that we've been blessed to have with you. 

You are such a snuggler and I love it.  You sleep well at night, provided, of course, that you are nestled in the crook of my arm.  All night long.  And you know what?  I don't mind it one bit.  I know all too well how I will blink and you will be a chattering toddler and then a boundless little boy.  For now, you are my sweet precious newly born peanut and I will breathe in your smell. revel in the small sighs of your sleep, and treasure the softer than velvet skin of your cheeks. 

Your papa and I can't seem to get enough of staring at you and wondering how in the world we've been entrusted with the miracle that is you.

So far, you've been nursing so well and are so content.  I'm not really used to that but I am so grateful.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made, little boy.  And we are so unbelievably, indescribably happy that you are here.

All my love forever,

P.S.  I just love, love, love your fuzziness :)

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  1. He is BEAUTIFUL! I, too, love his fuzziness! Congratulations!!!


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