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 Because who said a changing table has to be ugly?  When we were first preparing for parenthood, we set up a dresser/changing table upstairs in the baby room because, after all, that's where it goes, right?  Soon after having John Paul we realized that the table pretty much never got used for actual changing.  Seriously, who wants to run upstairs just to change the baby?  And during the night, the baby has been in our room anyway and bleary-eyed 2 a.m. diaper changes happen on the bed half asleep.  So when Michael was born I made sure our changing station was downstairs.  This time around, I got an antique dresser off Craigslist for $30, cleaned it, and changed the handles around.  It's not exactly what I was hoping for but when thrifting, you have to be flexible, right?  This way of doing it makes SO much more sense with the way we live.  The top two drawers have diapers and covers.  The bottom 2 drawers hold the new baby's clothes, socks, hats, etc.  Because, again, who wants to run upstairs to get the baby a new onesie every time it's needed?  So much more practical and pretty this way, in my opinion :)


Sketching animals at the zoo.  In NOVEMBER.  This is Western New York so that is a very happy thing.


Of course, this adorable note has NOTHING to do with the fact that we had been talking the day before about how maybe just the two of us could go out some night and MAYBE got to Toys 'R Us with the money he has saved and MAYBE get the Nerf dart gun that he feel in love with at a friend's house.  Until the next day's note:

Bubble bursted...but hey, he wants to go to Panera so maybe I'll forgive him.  Well played, little man.


The current state of the upstairs bathroom.  It will get done before the baby arrives.  It will.  I'm trying not to look at this too much.  ...But how cool is it that we had JUST enough room to fit a vintage clawfoot tub where there was once a plastic, mildewed shower stall??  Answer:  Very.

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  1. Awesome! That is really a cool tub.

  2. Oh my, your tub is divine! and those letters are beyond sweet. What a good job you are doing, mom!

  3. AWW! That is the most adorably manipulative thing ever! haha. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mary, I cam across your blog and LOVE it!! I hope you are doing well! You are in my prayers...

  5. The pictures of the two of them drawing are so cute. And the notes!! You've got some cute kids.


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