Advent Conspiracy - Love this!

Remember that thing about simplifying gift giving?  This video is awesome.  I'm not super familiar with the Advent Conspiracy movement but it sounds a lot like what many of us have been trying to do anyway.  And remember what I said about Food for the Poor?  A beautiful way to give.  Go there and look around and see how much more your money could be doing.  Clean water, food, a home, job resources, and you can even buy chickens for people :)  There are plenty of other worthy organizations as well.  We choose this for much of our Christmas giving because 97% of the revenue goes directly to the programs and services for the poorest of the poor and it is done in the name of Christ...that and it's fun to be able to buy a goat for someone for Christmas!  Ninety seven percent is a very impressive number when compared with other charities.

A blessed Advent and New Year to you!

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