Yarn Along 10/12/11 - Adventures in Cabling

Back again for a Yarn Along with Ginny!  I'm still working on the mittens for the boys but needed something I could work on during the day when they're awake.  So, I'm trying my hand at the Bitty Cabled Cardigan using Knitpicks'  Swish worsted weight wool in bare.  I was really hoping that this would be much whiter than it is.  It certainly looked that way on the site but it is most definitely a cream color.  Not bad, but I was really hoping for white...possibly something the baby could wear after his or her Baptism.  Anyone know if bleaching the yarn would do anything to lighten it?  I don't want to ruin anything but there's got to be a way to get white wool, right?

This is my first attempt at doing anything with cables and with the help of Youtube, I think I may get it (at least for this simple pattern)!  I am working on being comfortable with the straight needles.  Almost all of the projects I've done have used circulars so this takes some getting used to!

Still slowly reading Heidi and have started reading a chapter at a time out loud with the boys.  They weren't super enthusiastic about it but I think as the story picks up, they'll enjoy it.  It is so sweet and right now, I think these boys could use some sweet :)

Hope you're having a wonderful day and feel free to visit the rest of the Yarn Along posts over here at Ginny's!

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  1. Oh that is going to be such a sweet little sweater :) I haven't tried doing cables yet either and it is on my list of must do's for this winter. I can't wait to tsee how it comes together for you :)


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