Next on The List: A Gutted Bathroom

This is the current state of our upstairs bathroom:

Pretty, right?  Because what better time is there to gut your bathroom than when you're eight months pregnant?  This is our last big project before baby.  There's a bit more on the list after, but it's smaller paint jobs and baking and odds and ends that need to be bought.  Someday I should make a list of the crazy amount of things we have gotten done since finding out that this little one was coming.  Seriously, I am a nut job.  I'll be sure to update when the project is finished and we have a nice clean little bathroom upstairs!

Anyway, so this is our bathroom.  We are hoping that it will be done by mid-November (please, God?).  I'm excited because Brian did things a bit out of order so that I could again have the luxury of an upstairs toilet while pregnant.  And the boys are even more excited that the new toilet meant new boxes to play with.  They've been playing with them all morning...

Nothing better than a big cardboard box in my boys' book :)

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