The Real Meaning of Labor Day

It's the day you put your kids to work, right?  And show them what labor really means?

Actually, Brian explained the day this way to John Paul:

"It's the day that the Papas get to stay home from work.  And do work at home."

But the front porch is getting painted, I'm getting more pears canned, and it's nice and cool outside so it's a good day.  Of course, the boys are more than willing workers if it involves paint.  But, yes, I am that mean homeschooling mom who actually had school today.  But really, do seven year olds need a Labor Day?  (Don't worry, we'll have an easy day Thursday for the feast day ;)

(I know many people who will find it quite amusing that John Paul chose the encyclopedia for his reading time today.  Let's just say it must be genetic.  The boy had no hope.)

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