Yarn Along 8/31/11

(Maggie discovered squirrels outside.)

I finished the brown longies for the new baby the other night and then had enough to make a matching hat.  So, I scavenged my little stash and decided to make a newborn soaker from some cream Paton's wool yarn.  The pattern is from here and it's not difficult but it did take some decoding on my part.  They're nothing fancy but will hopefully be a good working cover for the first few weeks.

I just began The Life of Christ by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen this morning.  I really felt like I was supposed to get to know this great man a little better and so asked for a book of his for my birthday.  My mom bought me this one, and I know it's a classic.  I'm looking forward to reading it, hopefully slowly and with a very open heart.  I tend to speed read and not really absorb what it is I'm reading and that's not the best tactic when it comes to spiritual reading, right?  This one will take me a while and it should.

So, somewhat off topic, if someone does happen to come on over and read this, I have a few Blogger issues. For some reason, I cannot comment on my own blog!  I've read your comments and try to reply and it won't let me, know matter how I try to do it.  If I try to do it with this Google account, it says I don't have access to view the page.  I don't have access to comment on my own blog...any help?

I'm not sure what I'm missing with this Blogger thing...there's a lot I find really cumbersome about it.  Posting pictures is a pain because it won't post them where my cursor is but rather always takes them to the top of the page.  And I cannot cut and paste anything.  There is no option for either.  Am I missing something really obvious here?  There's more but those are the biggie frustrations I have and I'm hoping there's some simple answer someone can help me with! And if I still can't comment, just know that I thank you :)


  1. I love longies! and I love cute matching baby clothes. http://www.karmama.ca/2011/08/yarn-along_31.html

  2. No advice on the Blogger issue. I can tell you that I've had a Blogger blog for a local homeschooling group and a Wordpress blog for my self and Wordpress is ten times better. Your kitty is too cute!

  3. such lovely knitting, those look so cozy and warm.

    have you tried blogger in draft? it's so much easier and allows you to put photos (and in several different sizes) where you like. also, if you click on html instead of compose, you can cut and paste there. just be sure to switch back so you can see what your doing!

  4. Thank you! I'll have to look into the draft thing...I'm not sure what it is! I appreciate the help and we'll see if I can try again and get this to post :) Have a great day!

  5. Your knitting is beautiful...


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