Yarn Along 8/24/11

I'm working on my second pair of longies!  I finished the other pair I was working on the other week and really enjoyed knitting those, despite the mistakes.  Many mistakes.  But that was my first time using a more complicated pattern so I'll give myself some room for growth, I think.  I still think they look cute but I'm not certain they'll fit a newborn baby.  The waist seems small and the legs really long.  I chose a cuff that can be rolled up, though, so they should still do the job.  One of the drawbacks of wanting to knit a little layette before this baby is born is not knowing exactly what his or her measurements will be.  But at least this pair is turning out so much better than the last!  I'm knitting them in the small size, rather than newborn and using plain old Paton's wool yarn in a chocolate brown color.  That's gender neutral, right?  The funny thing is, I'm not sure these will fit the baby until spring or summer and longies probably won't be the clothing of choice.  Ah well, I'm in a fall and nesting frame of mind right now so brown longies it is :)

I wrote a bit about Big Little Felt Universe in this post.  That's been the book of choice around here this week.  John Paul is still spending hours and any chunk of time he can working on his felt projects.  He just finished the wallet and now he has his eyes set on the compass.

The longies and book are resting on the old picnic basket that just barely holds all my yarn.  I really need a better system now and would love to have a beautifully organized spot for all my knitting stash...definitely not priority at the moment but I'll have to think on it a bit to see what could work!

Go check out Ginny's work and the rest of the Yarn Along group here!


  1. I've never seen that book. I have one called Warm Fuzzies, but I haven't got around to doing anything felty at all. I went through many pairs of wool longies (and shorties) before I got the sizing thing down. Good luck! http://www.karmama.ca/

  2. The longies look so cute! I have my yarn displayed in baskets on a shelf. Then I can look at them and be inspired :)

  3. You know, I made a pair of newborn sized longies and small sized longies for my 3rd child, and he was into the small sized by the time he was one month old. I think on a tiny little babe, long pants are still perfect for Spring!

    I love brown as a gender neutral color, too. It breaks up all of the pastel greens and yellows, you know?


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