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The plans for this Sunday were to go to Genesee Country Village for their Laura Ingalls Wilder Days.  It's a lot of fun...unless of course the forecast is for a rainy morning and then 85 degrees with 72% humidity for the rest of the sunny afternoon.  Then it's not so fun, and with the cost of admission, we deemed it not worth it for the day.  I likely would've died in a crumple of pregnant wilted messiness.  So, we spent a rainy Sunday here at home relaxing and once the downpours cleared up, we grilled up some hamburgers and went for a surprise ice cream run.  So, I laid aside my concerns that, crazy enough, there is no place you can go around here for organic ice cream.  You have to do that once during the summer, right?

John Paul
John Paul has been reading nonstop lately.  He will walk around with his current read, take it to the dinner table, and if I let him, would spend half the day curled up with a book.  It's great and he is reading some cool books.  This week he read the childhood biographies of Abraham Lincoln, George Eastman, George Carver, and now David Farragut.  I found this series at a library sale a few years back for a couple of dollars and am so glad he is taking advantage of it!  And...I admit I am learning just from listening to him retell the stories!  (History is definitely NOT my strong suit!)  We do have to work on him being able to obey right away and focus on tasks that he doesn't enjoy, pretty much standard fare for a seven year old boy!

 Michael spent hours in the garden working with Brian the other day.  And according to Brian he chattered nonstop throughout.  He loves and needs quality time and "special" time and then he flourishes.  He is all about his 'treasures' lately and I find them all over the house . He says that he really wants to learn to read this year but he has a tendency that any time I try to challenge him with something he isn't already confident in, he shuts down a bit.  Michael will take some interesting and imaginative educational methods, I think!  Lots of game play and 'sneaky' learning for now.

David is two.  That's about it, I think :)  Okay, okay, something positive sounding...He makes Brian and I smile all the time.  Just listening to him talk or watching his reactions or learning how to do things.  I really don't think I want him to learn proper grammar.  How cute is it to hear him say "Fast me run!" and then take off on the porch with his tiny arms pumping?  Or even better, his new favorite word is "joy" (seen exclaiming below)...

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