This Week in Boys with an Unintentional Book Review

John Paul 
This past week John Paul finally was able to start working on his felt projects.  For his birthday I asked my mom to get him the book Big Little Felt Universe.  I really wanted to get some wool blend felt and yes, it took me that long to get to Joann's with all the boys.  I'm sure there's a better place online to find wool felt but I haven't really taken the time to look yet.  Anyway, it's a very sweet book with amazing sewn felt toy patterns.  While I cringed a bit at some of the more modern toy patterns (one of the sections features a felt laptop and another one a cell phone and lipstick), the rest of the beautiful patterns and pictures make up for that.  There is a beautiful fruit-laden cake, camping gear (complete with fire and marshmallows!), a banana split sundae, a tool kit, and more.  The work that Jeanette Lim does is absolutely stunning and the detail amazing.  I wasn't sure John Paul would be able to handle it but he doesn't get too intimidated by perfection...he will most definitely try anyway and I love that he doesn't get upset when it doesn't look exactly like the picture (ahem, not that anyone I know is like that...).  His first endeavor was the pocket knife from the camping section. I didn't help him a whole lot except to make sure he read all the tips and directions before beginning. Then he went to work cutting out the patterns and felt and began to sew.  It took him a few days but he is now finished and is very proud of his little knife!  He is so extremely focused when he gets a project (that he likes, of course).  Next up, he says, is the wallet.  Good thing, too, because he recently fashioned a wallet out of construction paper. and that didn't hold up so well.  I'll have to post some pics of the felt projects and more of the sewing happening around here soon.  Michael has also gotten in on it and has his own projects going and some big plans.  The pics I have now are from some rock painting we did earlier in the week.

Michael is just about there riding a two-wheeler!  I'm so surprised that this little boy asked to learn how and has been persistant in practicing with Brian.  I anticipated him giving up after the first one or two tries and wobbles out of fear and frustration but he hasn't.  He can now go half way up the driveway on his own and he is so very proud of himself.  It is so good to see and I hope this goes a long way in developing a sense of perseverance when learning things that are new to him.  He's getting excited for doing some lessons with Mama this year in the afternoons and I hope we can stick with it and I can be as gentle as he needs but also push him the way he needs.

Michael's favorite color is still 'golden'.  Not yellow...GOLDEN.  Everything has to be golden.  Or red.  Those, apparently are the "kingly" colors.  I love it.  And of course, his rock had to be...golden.

 David is giving me a run for my money lately.  He is pretty stubborn and is not afraid to pick a fight with the older boys.  The concept of sharing is still not the least bit appealing to him.  So pretty much I guess he sounds like a two year old boy.  He still can make Brian and I laugh with his goofiness and the matter of fact way that he answers a question.  You just want to squeeze him sometimes he is so cute.  It can *sometimes* even happen when he is up at 6:30 a.m. during Mama's 'alone' time.  That's saying something for the cuteness factor.  He is doing great on the medicine routine we have for him now and I'm so grateful for that. We continue to pray for healing every day.

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