This Week in Boys

John Paul
John Paul has begun his second "armory" treehouse complete with a really cool rope ladder.  So far this summer he has read Peter Pan, Robin Hood, and is now working on Swiss Family Robinson.  He just turned seven a few days ago and I am amazed at the level at which he is reading.  I love it and I love to see him curled up in his special little spot hidden next to the couch with his latest book.  He's been working on his archery skills in the backyard and also has dug a two foot hole way on the back of our property that is meant to be a tunnel at some undetermined point in the future.

We got our first ever batch of meat chickens the other day! Apparently in a few weeks they won't be nearly as cute and (according to friends) we won't mind sacrificing them for the freezer :)

Michael has been getting more and more daring.  He made it up to the new treehouse with Papa's help and was very proud of himself.  He's also made it known that he would like to learn to ride without training wheels...we're working on it!

After a brief respite, David has rekindled his love of books.  He could read on someone's lap for hours.  The first thing he often says to Brian when he gets home from work is "Read, Papa?"  Very adorable. He loves our collection of Eloise Wilkin Golden Books that he received from his Godparents and is still a big fan of the several Eric Carle books that we own.  We had more medical tests last week and a big one this week.  I'm grateful that he is of the age now where I can talk him through it and he sort of understands, even if he isn't thrilled with it.  He's my brave little guy.  I so wish I could take this cross from him but I pray that somehow God works all of this out for his greatest good. It's so hard.

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