This Week in Boys - Sunday Funday Blueberry Picking

This summer really hasn't gone as I pictured.  We've spent more time in the past few months at doctor/hospital visits and other appointments than we have in the past 3 years!  We realized the summer was slipping away quicker than we could savor it with the things that we wanted to do.  So, we've made more of an effort to plan ahead and for us, that means that Sunday is now Sunday Funday and we've been trying to do something to make this summer enjoyed, remembered, and savored.  So, last week it was the beach and yesterday we went blueberry picking at an organic blueberry patch.  With a price of $1.79 a lb., the half hour drive was SO worth it!  We now have 14 lbs. of blueberries awaiting our use in the freezer.  It was HOT, though.  Really, really hot.  I spent half the time waiting in the van with David because we were having a hard time handling the heat.  But we missed the strawberry picking season around here and we were NOT going to miss blueberries, if I could help it (and if I had the help of my awesome blueberry-harvesting husband...which I did)!

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