Happy Independence Day!

A quick peek at the Independence Day party we hosted for several of our friends...all wonderful homeschooling families with about fifty people celebrating at our home! It was a lot of fun and with everyone outside, it certainly didn't feel like that many people! It's great to plan things potluck for this size...almost a necessity, really, and adds to the community feel of the day. It's fun to get to try everyone's special dish and we had more than enough food for everyone. Dinner, fellowship, water balloons, sprinkler, baby pool, bonfire, and even a parade by the kids...a very fun time! I just wish I had caught more of the fun on camera. We are so blessed in this country and may God continue to bless our country at this time when we need it so very much!

I love our bunting! Once we get the porch painted, it'll pop so much more.

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