This Week in Boys

John Paul 
John Paul lost his second tooth this week.  It's funny, I never thought that losing the first tooth would be the bittersweet moment that it was.  This one wasn't as bad and in fact, I was hoping it would happen sooner as the tooth underneath was already breaking through behind it.  Here's hoping that crooked beginnings don't necessarily mean orthodontics later.

I love Michael being four!  He has been so sweet and silly and his personality is beginning to shine through.  His sweet cocked-head smile will melt anyone.  A few mornings he has been up earlier than the other boys so he has done his own prayers in the front room with me.  I've led him in a simple morning offering and it is so good for both of us to have those few moments together.

David moved into the big boys' room this weekend!  We now have two bunk beds in the room so there's space for one more boy if this little one happens to be one.  We'll see if this helps him sleep any better than he has been.  At the least, I am very happy to have the nursery open again and feel like I can use our own bedroom a little more without fear of waking him up.

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