Father's Day Camping

We took my dad up on his invitation to come out to his cabin for Father's Day and the boys had a blast.  It was beautiful out there and it was a nice, quick getaway.  We joined two of my sisters and their children out there for the night.  And I think I get some sort of mom credit for willingly and (mostly) cheerfully opting to sleep in a tent with all five of us on a deflated air mattress while pregnant.  I survived the several pitch black middle of the night out in the wilderness runs to the outhouse, thank you very much.  John Paul and Michael both tried the zipline...it has a little seat attached for the kids, which is great!  They loved the raft and searching for hundreds of tadpoles and frogs.  We tried to catch some of their koi to take home as pets (they wanted us to...they're overtaking the pond!) but they were far too elusive for our little nets.  Fire-tending was also a big hit. We were exhausted the next afternoon, but the memories are well worth it.

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