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John Paul
Getting older and older and acting like such a big kid.  He's always working on building or creating something (many things...).  He's been sewing a little basket out of felt for Michael for Easter and it is so sweet.  Completely made it up out of his head and it's a really great design.  He's about to finish his second grade math book and I can't deny that I'm proud of how well he does in math and will be starting third grade math at not even 7 years old.  This boy makes it easy.  His mind just works mathematically and logically.  All.  The.  Time.  He's been wanting to knit again at night but only lasts a few minutes before he tires of it.  He's attempting to make me a hat and it is quite amusing.

Michael has been enamored with the wood blocks.  Nothing new there but he has begun making some pretty skilled marble and car tracks all on his own.  It's really tough when David wants to constantly join in but he is more into knocking them down and tormenting Michael.  I don't like that one bit and I've had to separate them so that Michael can enjoy creating in peace.  Michael has started to surprise me often with piping into the conversation with some tidbit that I never thought he would remember from a year or two ago or with some piece of information he picked up when I didn't think he was listening.  He's also begun asking to knit in the evening.  For him this involves poking a knitting needle through the middle of the yarn in very creative ways and claiming, "THIS is how I knit."

I love this stage he is at intellectually.  He is learning so many words and is using them all the time.  My favorite right now is his way of saying "sure" rather than yes.  It comes out more like "sha" and he has a knack for saying it like it's just no big deal to whatever it is you are asking.  He repeats everything we say during conversation.  It's like having a little parrot at the dinner table.  He still loves to read and his current favorite is "Day" which is actually titled I'm Thankful Each Day. A really cute book and he has learned how to end most of the pages with the correct word.  He still loves The Animals of Farmer Jones and I just love his animal noises.  His current favorites are elephants and owls. Love it.

On the other hand, he has been really difficult with the other boys.  I have slowly started to implement corner time and he is learning to apologize.  He has begun the whining repetition in order to get what he wants and that drives me crazy.  Hoping he outgrows it soon and that I can patiently teach him the proper (and less drive-Mama-insane) way to communicate.  But he always makes us laugh and then all is better.

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