Introducing The Catholic Birth Directory!

Hey friends! I'm popping in here to share with you a project I've been working on! 

So so many times over the past two and a half years I've gotten messages from women all across the country and even the world wondering how they can find a Catholic, Christian, or pro-life provider for their birth. Over email, through Instagram, and Facebook, I've gotten the question of whether I can recommend someone in their area. This little project I announced on social media a few weeks ago is an answer to that need.

My hope and prayer is that this little apostolate of sorts will help connect women with Catholic, Christian, and/or pro-life birth professionals. We're talking OBs, midwives, doulas, chiros, photographers, instructors, lactation consultants, etc. listed on one site organized by state. There is such a great need for this. So often women feel they have to compromise their most deeply held beliefs to get access to care they need. It’s pretty wild and not at all okay. There are so many stories from women about being bullied into choices or pressured to compromise what they believe or staying with providers they aren't comfortable with. From women being shamed for having another child or refusing to be sterilized to providers pressuring them to abort their baby because of a possible disability to practitioners in the birth world being into all sorts of New Age stuff that is incompatible with the Christian faith. I can't fix all of that, but what I can do is offer this. is a *FREE* resource to women who are searching and to birth professionals who believe in the dignity of every life and body before, during, and after birth to help connect them. I believe this is a small but hopefully helpful part of building a culture of life.

This started as a little brainstorm in my head over a year ago, I worked on it a bit, then tabled it due to general life overwhelm as well as a desire to test and discern the idea. However after getting dozens of requests for providers over the year and more in recent weeks, I figured God was telling me it was past time to launch.

If you go to you will see different types of birth providers listed by state. As the site evolves, I may break the categories down further but for now they are Obstetricians, Midwives, Doulas, and Other Birth Professionals. 

We now have over 175 birth professionals listed!!! Praise God! 

BUT I still need your help! We have some states that still have NO ONE listed and I know there are still a lot more Catholic, Christian, and Pro-Life birth professionals out there that should be on this directory. 

To keep the integrity of the site and mission, here's an important detail: I NEED THE INDIVIDUAL PROVIDERS THEMSELVES to fill out the submission form and agree to the statement of practice and beliefs. I can't just list people via word of mouth or suggestion. 

So, here's what you can do: If you are or know a Catholic, Christian, or pro-life birth professional who you think should be included on this list, first check to see if they're on there already. If they're not, I'm asking that you **please contact them directly and share the link to submit their information**! Telling me names is not nearly as effective as their own clients/friends reaching out and urging them to be included and submit their name. We are currently NOT taking listings for NFP or fertility care specialists who do not ALSO provide pregnancy or birth services. Thankfully, we already have sites out there that do that. This site (at least for now) is specifically for care related to pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum time. 

I'm especially having a hard time with obstetricians since the vast majority of them do not have email available and the only way for me to get through to them is via their office phone line and we all know that won't go anywhere quick! Plus, doctors are notoriously limited for time. So if you have an OB you think should be on the site, if you can contact them or share the information at your next appointment, please do and encourage them to fill out the quick form.

You can also GREATLY help by offering prayers for the success of this project and for my own spiritual protection as it grows. And please pray for more Catholic obstetricians, midwives, doulas, and other birth professionals. The need is great, the call is beautiful, and there is much work to be done. Now do me a favor and share away!

Our Lady of Childbirth, please pray for us!

Stanisława Leszczyńska, please pray for us.

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  1. This very need has been on my heart and why I have recenty trained as a Doula. I am in Ireland and want to form. Imilr network here. I am just starting out and came across you site while googling different name ideas for my business. I'll be in touch!


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