He's Alive! (and I am, too!)

He is risen! Happy Easter!

Blowing the dust off the long neglected blog to wish you all the happiest and most glorious of Easters. It sure has been a crazy time of quarantine and social distancing, never mind how much has changed since I last posted back in the fall(!). But what remains certain and the same is that He has truly risen and He longs to do amazing things in each one of our hearts this Easter season and throughout the entire Church and world. I have been filled with peace this Lent and Triduum that God is on the move and that His ways are *always* for our good, even if they require a cross. 

We will proclaim our Alleluia and His goodness no matter what. If we can't be in our churches, we will declare it from our homes! I don't know if you can see the messages in our windows but we tried! 

We have "gone" to Mass at several different places throughout this quarantine and chose to stream the Vatican's Easter Vigil for our Easter Mass. We started outside with our own vigil fire, lit our paschal candle from that and processed inside.

Our home chapel (what? I haven't told you about that yet?) is in progress. My Lent and Easter project has been working on that extra room on the first floor that God gave us in our new place. When our offer was accepted and we were waiting to move, Brian declared that what they used as an office was absolutely perfect for a family chapel and so that was the plan from the very beginning. Who would've thought it would've come in truly handy and we'd actually be using it to "attend" Mass this spring! 

God has provided for us in so very very many ways. Not one thing besides the rug has been bought. Oh, and that paint. But no more about the chapel. Here's to completing it this Easter season and having a full post on it someday!

A relaxed morning with all the other traditions...books, baskets, offering beans turned into way too many jelly beans, and lots and lots of alleluias.

While we were disappointed not to host our first big family gathering for Easter, we had a repeat of last year's Easter dinner idea - everyone gets to pick one thing that they would like to feast on! They are responsible for putting their part of the meal together as much as able. It turned out wonderfully. This oldest kid of mine even impressed us all with eclairs and sour cream donut muffins both from scratch! We are now putting him on Sunday pastry duty every week. 

He is risen indeed. I do think all the time about writing new posts and getting back to this little web space more often. I certainly have written dozens of posts in the shower, ha! Life after that sixth came, though...whew. We'll just see what happens. I would love a much more frequent return to this internet home of mine as well as the time to sit and write. But fiat voluntas Tua! It's in His hands. Happy Easter, friends.


  1. Happy Easter! I've missed your writing, but I know what it's like - I've been just as bad about keeping up with my own blog, and I don't even have six children as an excuse. Lovely to see you're doing well.

  2. Your new home looks beautiful. I can’t wait to read about your home chapel. And I loooved the title of this post! Happy Easter! It’s so nice to read a new post!

  3. So good to see you posting again! Happy Easter to your family.

  4. It’s great to read a new blog post from you, I’m glad I checked to see if there was anything new! Your family is absolutely beautiful, and your Easter sounds like it turned out great. Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. Hi Mary, many of your pictures are not showing up - of your first four I can only see the fourth one down! A lovely post otherwise and good luck with the home chapel x


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